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Sunglasses CARRERA
Carrera founded in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger. He decides to name his sport goggles company after the longest, fastest, most dangerous race in the world, the Carrera Panamericana.
In 1964 they patented Optyl. An innovative plastic that weighs 20% less than acetate and other thermoplastic materials, that is harder wearing, and that also adapts to the wearer’s face.
In the following years the company penetrated in every sector of sunglasses and eyewear such as sport sunglasses, ski helmets, goggles and many others. Today considered one of the biggest brand in sunglasses and eyewear.



The Carrera brand It was in 1956 that Wilhelm Anger decided to baptize his sports glasses with the name of the longest, fastest and most dangerous race in the world: the Carrera Panamericana , a car race born in the 1950s, crossing Mexico. . Carrera quickly multiplied the successes with daring creations and avant-garde patents such as that of Optyl (in 1964): revolutionary light and resistant plastic (weighs 20% less than acetate and other thermoplastic materials). In 1970, Carrera developed its collection of goggles and ski helmets , which earned it recognition from sports professionals with whom the brand actively collaborated in order to constantly improve the quality of their products. In 1974, the first ski goggles with interchangeable lenses were marketed.


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