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Jimmy Choo sunglasses never fail to create a lasting impression on the minds of style makers everywhere. Malaysian-born designer Jimmy Choo was originally a custom shoe creator who extended his empire to include Jimmy Choo women’s sunglasses in 2007. With an incredibly high level of skill at his fingertips, Jimmy Choo sunglasses are designed to turn heads wherever you go.


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The Jimmy Choo brand Jimmy Choo was born Jimmy Chow Yeang Keat on November 5, 1948 in Penang, Malaysia. Coming from a family of shoemakers, he repaired his first pair of shoes at 11 years old. Jimmy Choo arrived in London in the 1980s to hone the family craft at Cordwainers College . In 1986, he opened his first store, freshly determined to create his own shoes.In 1988, the daring designs of this still fledgling shoemaker caught the eye of Tamara Mellon , then a Vogue UK journalist .In 1996, they launched the Jimmy Choo brand together . Thus begins an effective association: the craftsman draws, the businesswoman seeks to produce her models on a large scale in Italy and is responsible for marketing them. Tamara Mellon then adopted a strategy well known to fashion houses: she had her creations worn by the most famous stars.The irreproachable know-how and the inimitable style of the Jimmy Choo brand allow it to develop, especially internationally; and very quickly appear lines of handbags, glasses, and perfume.Jimmy Choo now has more than 180 stores in 32 different countries. The brand is also present in the most prestigious specialist boutiques and department stores in the world.


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