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Show off your street style with a pair of Police sunglasses. The brand was founded back in 1983 and really caught on during the 90s. Inspired by the unique creativity and energy of city life, Police looks beyond conventional fashion trends. Each pair is carefully crafted to capture the essence of eclectic urban life and modern street style. Police has worked closely with big name ambassadors, with Beckham being one of them. More recently Neymar Jr. has become the face and spirit of the brand.Some of the most popular styles include the Police S8856 Brazen sunglasses and the Police S8855 Force sunglasses. If you are a fan of their blue flash lenses, check out the Police S1800 Drift sunglasses. Change up your street wear today with a pair of Police sunglasses.



The Police brand It was in 1983 that the De Rigo group launched the Police spectacle frame brand in Italy . Originally, the brand created a small revolution in the world of sunglasses by addressing those who liked glasses with highly ornamented colored lenses. Then it quickly distinguished itself as a brand with a refined aesthetic and a strong image, inspired by an American โ€œon the roadโ€ lifestyle. In a way, the brand is aimed at people sensitive to trends, but for whom individuality will always take precedence over stylistic conventions . Success is not long in coming and the Police brand seduces stars like Paulo Maldini , Bruce Willis , George Clooney , James O'Sullivan , David Beckham and Antonio Banderas among others... It was during the 1990s that the brand became a truly global phenomenon.


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